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10th-Apr-2011 03:06 pm(no subject)
Wonderful advice!
And now, an update from Arizona! As if most of you don't know I'm there already.

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Now, as is common in the journal of Kukki, I will leave behind a meme.

Give me a character and I will give you my:

+ OTP for them.
+ Runner-up pairing.
+ Honorable mention(s).
+ Crack pairing(s).
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.
19th-Mar-2011 09:33 pm(no subject)
Too tired
Auuugh you guuuuys my air conditioner is broken and it's so hooooot. /opens windows

I'm gonna have to call management before work tomorrow and have them out to fix it. I may not mind warm weather but this is ridic.

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Aaah I'm too unmotivated to do the Tales meme.

Also this is the best song ever seriously
14th-Mar-2011 01:45 pm(no subject)
You're so CUTE I could eat you
omg so I went to this site and downloaded a whole bunch of orchestrated versions of Zelda songs, and... MAN. If you guys want to download some of it, it's over here, all free downloads. These guys have done an excellent job, and have raised money to do an even more excellent job on Twilight Princess.

Seriously, man, they made Ikana Valley genuinely creepy and very lonely sounding, exactly the way I pictured Ikana to be. I wonder what it says about me when I say that Ikana was my favorite place in Majora's Mask. The Goron Race is adorable, and the ones they made for Ocarina of Time are pretty damn epic. I plan on downloading more, but, uh... Work is gonna be seriously kicking my butt soon, so I'm not sure if I'll have the time or energy to do it.

... fff, speaking of that, I might have to call a hiatus/slowatus in Luceti. Working six/maybe seven days in a row, asldfkjsf. At least tomorrow my mom and I are gonna go to the zoo to pick up an application, which I am legit excited about. Working with animals is my PASSION, something I might even be willing to go to college for, and while I'm not very hopeful about actually snagging a job at the zoo, just the thought of trying makes me happy! And hey, maybe we can walk through it and see all the animals again! lakjsdf so excite.

I'll do more of the Tales meme when I get back - gotta go to work now!
12th-Mar-2011 10:56 pm(no subject)
Wonderful advice!
my thread here

Sorry if this popped up everywhere on the f-list, but I wanted to do something, and I can't draw and I'm a mediocre writer. So! I'm offering the only other thing I'm good at. Please, if you're willing to donate in exchange for icons, visit there! I don't even care if you go with an icon maker who's far better than I am - even a dollar donated towards any charity would be wonderful. And if you can pimp this out to others, please do! It'll really help out.
11th-Mar-2011 12:45 am(no subject)
You're so CUTE I could eat you
2011 is the year of broken ankles, apparently. One of my friends broke one of her ankles, too! So, counting me, that's three. And it's only March!

I went to see Rango today with a friend! That's like. The first time EVER I went with a friend to see a movie. And it was good! There was... something about it I didn't like, though. I'm not sure what... Maybe it was the pacing? But something made me unimpressed about it. Still, it was good! Just not the best movie ever or anything like that.

But hnnngh they showed a preview from Disneynature's African Cats, which follows the story of two mothers: a lioness and a cheetah, and tells about how they try to survive with their families in the wild. Me being such a nut for animals, I was like "/SCREAM REACH" immediately. It comes out April 22nd, and if you see it within the first week, a part of the funds goes to them helping out the savanna. So, I'm definitely going to see that within opening week.

omg what I'd GIVE to be able to go out there and document things like that. The only problem I'd have is that... well, you're not supposed to interfere. So you have to watch families get torn apart or suffer in some way, and I think it'd be really hard to stand aside and just let nature take its course. But still! What an opportunity... What an exhilarating opportunity these people have.

aah if only I wasn't so turned off by the idea of school.


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9th-Mar-2011 03:05 pm(no subject)


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7th-Mar-2011 06:53 pm(no subject)
Single parenting is AWESOME
Maaan, I don't think I'll be getting any apps into Luceti at all. Stupid work and working me to the bone and me being too tired on my days off to do anything. Buuut at least I have one half finished for when apps do open up again!

Also you know which question I hate that customers ask me sometimes? "Why won't you smile?" or something to that extent. It's because I don't smile all the time! My neutral face is the one I wear all the time, which is pretty much a :|, and I never smile for no reason. When I do, it feels very forced, and I'm sure the customers can see it too. Bah. Just because someone doesn't smile a lot doesn't mean they're unpleasant!

Okay okay, good things. TALES MEME.

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5th-Mar-2011 07:37 pm(no subject)
Too tired
fffff I am so tired and I blame Akai entirely. DAMN YOU AND YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, AKAI.

Anyway, moar Tales meme.

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5th-Mar-2011 12:46 am(no subject)
Too damn old for this bullshit
Ow ow ow ow ow my (still injured) foot HURTS. I guess it came from tripping over the gamecube controller and landing on my foot (TWICE). But I'm also trying to walk around without a limp since I heard it was bad for my leg to keep doing that, and my foot really doesn't like that. I agree with the advice though - the doctor told me that I was supposed to be able to run a week after my last appointment, and that was... idk three weeks ago? And I can still barely run.

Also, one of the lower managers broke her ankle. And sprained her other one. It must be a B&N curse or something. And I told Josh about how him harping about me not needing a cane anymore genuinely upset me, so I think he's gonna lay off on that.

NOW FOR THE FUN STUFF. Tales meme from Kyio and Eggy! And I will be different and do the first five because I'm pretty sure they're all kind of predictable.

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25th-Feb-2011 02:09 am(no subject)
You're so CUTE I could eat you
Looooong somewhat miserable day. It started to rain AS SOON AS I WALKED OUTSIDE and you know that's a sign of a bad day.

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